About iCanada Direct

iCanada Direct Immigration Services Inc. specializes in helping individuals, families and businesses immigrate to Canada.

We like to be honest and straight forward with our clients and like to tell them what their chances of success are before we take on a case.

To do this we will have to set up an initial consultation in order to better assess your case and to decide which immigration program would be best suited for you and your family. At this point we will provide you with specific instructions detailing what documents are required, as we prepare all the application forms. We will also complete a legal argument in the form of a submission letter in order to support your case, and present it to Immigration Canada on your behalf.

iCanada Direct Immigration Services Inc. will also help prepare you for your interview and continue to guide you until you obtain your Permanent Resident status in Canada.

We will also help you with the settlement process though the assistance of numerous competent agencies we deal with. In addition we can provide you with a list of job specific employment agencies based on your profession upon your request.

iCanada Direct immigration Services Inc.

The founder of iCanada Direct Inc. Mr. Nicholas Dimitrakopoulos is also the President and Chief Consultant for the firm. He strongly believes in Canada’s multicultural policies and decided to emphasize this in his company though his motto iCanada Direct “MAKING CANADA YOUR HOME” ™.


We here at iCanada Direct Immigration Services Inc. will strive to meet all of your needs with regards to any immigration issues which might arise in your life. To us, your satisfaction is paramount and the growth and success of our company relies on us being able to succeed where others fail. By being able to understand the hardships and struggles that you might face when immigrating to a new country such as Canada, we can provide you with the compassion understanding and empathy that one would expect from the greatest country in the world. By treating you the same way that we would like to be treated, we know that you can rest assured because you are in good hands, more so then ever because we are dedicated to our motto iCanada Direct "MAKING CANADA YOUR HOME" ™


  • Has been involved with Immigration issues since 1997 at various levels, from research all the way up to the federal level.
  • President, Owner and Chief Consultant at iCanada Direct Immigration Services Inc.
  • A Bachelor of Arts Hons Degree (York University) Majored in Political Science, Minor in Philosophy.
  • Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies (York University).
  • Sat on the student Caucus at the center for Refugee Studies (CRS) at York University from 1998-2002. Participating in lectures and seminars.
  • He holds a post graduate Immigration Practitioners Certificate (Seneca College).
  • Received in depth government training in Immigration, Officer Powers, Use of Force, Customs and Excise Rules and Regulations.
  • Accredited Member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants(CSIC) #M063866